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Yeezy sneaker design

The full-grain leather upper is paired with original design details, and carefully designed performance elements are evident throughout the shoe, which not only fully reflects Kanye’s unique style, but also makes people know his typical Nike style at a glance. The redesigned NIKE AIR ASSAULT outsole has the characteristic of glowing in the dark. When the surrounding lights gradually dim, the sneakers will glow brightly. The forefoot support strap is made of high-grade synthetic leather and uses seamless splicing technology. In addition to the exquisite stitching exposed on the high-grade suede toe area, the seams throughout the sneaker are clean and neat. The unique “Y” pattern of AIR YEEZY sneakers is repeated throughout the sneakers, either in concave design or laser engraving. This design inspiration draws on Jordan Brand’s classic elephant skin texture material. The graphic treatment, co-designed by Kanye and Smith, not only pays homage to the name of the sneaker and its co-creator, but also commemorates West’s eureka moments while designing the Nike AIR YEEZY.

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